Workshops for Parents.

These workshops were created to help parents guide their children in making one of the most important decisions of their lives. We work with you to give you the necessary tools and knowledge to discover together with your children the important issues for this decision. Some of the topics we cover in our workshops are:

  • Why choosing a degree is one of the most important decisions in your children's lives
  • What is the problem with the way we choose degrees now?
  • What is the impact of choosing the wrong degree?
  • The realities of work.
  • How should we choose a profession?
  • Distraction vs. Passion

Workshops for students.

The student workshops were created for young students to gain insight into their most important human needs and how to use this knowledge in selecting a degree that will keep them happy and successful for years and years of to come. We work with students on topics such as:

  • The 6 human needs
  • How to identify the most important
  • How to manage pressure
  • The realities of work.
  • Distraction vs. Passion
  • Your plan for the future

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