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Are you a parent and you see that your High School or college child still doesn't know what to study?

Are you a student and still not sure which degree is the best for you? You don't know if the career is going to make you happy in 10, 20, 30 years or more?

At College Major Formula, our mission is to help you find your passion by giving you the tools to ask the right questions and thereby find the right answers.

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"Before you start climbing the corporate ladder, make sure you're aiming for the right wall"

Multiple surveys in various countries give the same results, about 80% of professionals in their 20's are not happy with the work they are doing, followed by 64% of professionals in their 30's. Even business owners and entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with their businesses, only 20% saying they are happy with their work.

At College Major Formula we have developed a process that goes beyond preferences, abilities and strengths and we look for the most important human needs that each person must satisfy in their career and profession. We believe that if we ask the deep questions, we find answers that show us the right path in the long term.

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For parents and students where we give them tools, strategies and knowledge for a better decision.


Get information and additional help during the process of choosing the best professional path.


Our FREE webinars give students the opportunity to learn from successful and distinguished professionals from many different fields what their career fields are really like. Learn what engineers, lawyers, doctors and many other professionals really do!

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Workshops for parents and students.

Our workshops are the heart of our mission. Our workshops for parents provide knowledge, tools, strategies and exercises that allow them to work with their children in selecting the best career and direction for their future.
Our workshops for students focus on helping them gain insight into their most important human needs, how they influence their lives, and how their future career can help them meet these needs.
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